Monday, September 10, 2012

Week One and Done?

Yesterday (Sunday) I had quite the epiphany. I felt oh so accomplished after successfully (for the most part) completing my first week of school as a teacher that I forgot to stop and think of all the work still to be done for the following week.

Wait...I'm doing this for an entire year?

For some reason, maybe because I'm the youngest teacher in the school, I'm still in Student Teacher mode - work 8 weeks and then graduate to the next one. Suddenly, the weeks, days, and class periods seemed much, much longer. Planning for an entire year - it's something that I've always known would happen, but have never been able to completely wrap my head around. For all of you seasoned teachers out there - bravo. You are amazing.

SO, if anyone has any advice at all for planning for large spans of time, I would gladly take it. I struggle the most with the fact that plans can change so rapidly. Setting specific dates in the future seems so...pointless sometimes.


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