Monday, October 15, 2012


I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that, yes, teaching is a difficult thing to do, but I feel that my past few posts have reflected more on challenges than anything else. This post is just to reinforce the fact that working with kids is extremely fun and rewarding. Just last Friday I got to exit the middle school building to all of my football students chanting "HAMILTON! HAMILTON!" And on Thursday I had one of my 8th graders ask if they could continue to be in my English classes next year when they enter high school. I'm definitely forming some pretty positive student-teacher relationships, and for that, I'm very grateful.

Thank you to those who have commented. I appreciate your advice and opinions and definitely think about them more than once when it comes to improving my classroom management skills (which, I know, is an adventure in itself). I think that I will have to make my first parent phone call this week if a certain someone's behavior does not improve. For some reason, I'm nervous to talk to the parents. I can't help but feel that students' behaviors are often a reflection of their teacher's behaviors.

This week is MEA. That means a short week! Happy long weekend, teachers!

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